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Brow shaping is done by mapping out the brows according to the facial structure. Brow will be cleaned up by waxing or tweezing and trimming. Add on a brow tint to darken the brow hairs, this can add definition and density to hair that is already there.

Brow wax clean up 2-6 weeks since last visit $30
Brow wax and Tint $40
Brow shaping (over 6 weeks since last visit) $35


Brow lamination is a good way to get fluffy brows or help unruly brows stay in place. Brow hair is necessary to achieve this look. It is a chemical process that is gentle enough to be on the skin and brow hair. It "perm" or "relaxes" the brows into place. 

**Do not use retinol or other exfoliating products a week before this service. 

Do not get them wet or put makeup on them for 24-48 hours. Every time you get them wet brush and style the brows into place. Use castor oil to help hydrate and keep them fluffy. Can last 6-8 weeks and can only be done 8-10 weeks after last lamination. 

Brow lamination and shaping $80
Brow lamination with shaping and tinting $100


Lash lifts are like a mini perm for your lashes. Your natural lashes are glued to a silicone rod in a curled position, then a solution gentle enough for the lashes is used to lock that curl into place. This service takes about an hour and can last about 4-6 weeks. It can be done every 8-10 weeks. Add a tint to add a boost of color and density. 
Lash Lift $85
Lash lift and tint $100
Lash tint alone $20


Microblading is a form of permanent makeup for brows, by adding hair like strokes to add a very natural enhancement. Hair is not necessary for this service. Brows are professionally shaped according to the facial structure and clients desired outcome. We will work together to design a brow that suites you.

First Session $400 ($100 deposit $300 day of service)
6-12 week touch up $150


This is microblading in combination with machine shading. Shading creates density with tiny little dots of pigment. This fades beautifully and looks like they are powdered in with a little bit of makeup. This is great for clients who want their brows to look filled in.

First session $450
6-12 week touch $150


**For existing clients only**

6-12 week $150
3-6 month $200
1-2 year $250


Starts at $400

Cover ups are for clients who have had previous microblading or cosmetic tattooing. A consultation is required for all cover ups to ensure the best is being done for the skin and brows long term, and that the skin is ready for another session.



The powder brow method is machine only. This helps the brows look like they are filled in. It is creating a bunch of tiny little dots to make the brows look dense. This is great for clients who don't have any brow hair, funky shapes or are oily.

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